Our Partners

  • Daimler AG
  • DLR
  • IAC Automotive,
  • INTEC GmbH
  • Lydall
  • Mbtech
  • Neocad GmbH
  • Rücker

Scope of competence

2D and 3D technical documentation for the automotive industry.

Development works in the scope of external panels and lining.

  • Thermal shields
  • Chassis guards
  • Covers
  • Wheel arch lining
  • Roof racks

Interior development works

  • Door lining
  • Decorative elements
  • Instrument board
  • Pillar guards
  • Headlining with associated parts


  • Parking heating
  • Start/Stop System


  • Metal structure

Spatial arrangement (Package)

  • Designing of functional subgroups and entire vehicle assemblies
  • Providing innovative solutions to arrangement conflicts of parts
  • Analysing assembly and disassembly
  • Planning at the conceptual stage
  • Electrical and instrumentation planning

Planning of part inspection measurements

Bent elements (handles)

Hydraulic hoses

  • Brake hoses
  • Fire safety hoses